New NORTAC TACTICAL™ for Android Tablets Released

October 2023

Nortac Defence is pleased to announce the release of NORTAC TACTICAL™ Awareness Capability (NTAC) for Android tablets. NTAC is a remote component of the TITAN BY NORTAC® solution designed for commanders and signalers at a Forward Operating Base, in vehicles, marine vessels, helicopters, or on foot. This Situational Awareness (SA) and communications tool is completely mobile and uses Iridium Short Burst Data to ensure global secure connectivity in even the most remote and austere environments. Intuitive to use and with the ability to synch SA data, status, geofences, and Positions of Interest (POIs) with the TITAN BY NORTAC® Platform, NTAC is a force multiplier, enhancing decision making and success of any mission beyond line of sight.

Using the NORTAC WAVE® as a modem for global connectivity, NTAC software can easily be loaded onto an Android tablet. Wi-Fi connectivity is also supported and is required for uploading maps for offline use.

Available on the Google PlayStore or as an APK file from the TITAN BY NORTAC® Helpdesk.

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