Communicate Control

TITAN BY NORTAC® – Digitizing the Operational Space

NORTAC Defence® is a leading provider of Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware and software to digitize the operational space and therefore provide Situational Awareness (SA) and Command and Control (C2) beyond line of sight (BLOS) at the tactical level. The NORTAC solution fills the gap when other communications networks fail.

NORTAC has developed TITAN BY NORTAC® to be simple to use and affordable. For a fraction of the cost of conventional systems from the defence industry, countries can buy a COTS system that will transform their operational capability. For the first time, commanders will be able to see where all their troops are and communicate with them whether they are in the mountains, jungles, deserts, air or sea.

Asset Locations​

Knowing the location of personnel and assets gives commanders greater centralized control of military activity.

Asset Locations​

The TITAN BY NORTAC® Platform provides a complete display of assets, position reports, personnel, geofences, points of interest, turn by turn tracking, messages, and alerts. Ground-breaking software produces a simple to use, easy to understand Graphical User Interface (GUI). Minimal training required.


Connectivity between land, air and sea, as well as interoperability with allies.


The TITAN BY NORTAC® Platform provides a single, shared tactical Common Operational Picture (COP)- whether on land, air, or sea - allowing commanders to conduct synchronised planning, control movement, and respond rapidly to changing events involving up to 10,000 separate assets. Data exchange using TITAN’s gateway services allows information to be seamlessly integrated into the strategic COP, ensuring interoperability between various incumbent technologies.


Situational awareness and emergency alerts help ensure safety and improve response times.


No loss of comms regardless of terrain. Geofencing can be applied which will create alerts if personnel move into or out of defined zones. Safe routes can be prescribed. 2-way near-real time messaging ensures status is always known. Panic alert buttons. Canned and free text messaging for ease of use. Points of interest can be plotted. Nearest responders known. SA & C2 reduces risk of blue on blue incidents and civilian casualties.


The Platform is the hub of the TITAN BY NORTAC® solution. It allows data to flow backwards and forwards between the command HQ and the tactical levels. It also allows data to flow laterally between field units providing tactical level communications using secure, cost effective, SBD satellite channels. The Platform provides organizations with a secure web-based application, or in-premise rapidly deployed solutions behind client firewalls, for asset and personnel tracking capability, including situational awareness (SA), operational command and control (C2), emergency response and the ability to provide comprehensive post-operational debriefing.


TITAN BY NORTAC® Tactical is a remote component of the TITAN BY NORTAC® Solution for use by Commanders at a Forward Operating Base or in military helicopters. Accessed on a tablet or laptop, it is used in conjunction with the TITAN BY NORTAC® Platform, or as a standalone solution and uses satellite communications to ensure continuous secure global operation, no need for internet connectivity.


NORTAC Defence® produce robust, field tested devices for personnel which can be configured according to needs for reporting, messaging, and alerts and iOS and Android apps. NORTAC Defence® also supports many other manufacturers’ devices, which are integrated to the platform. NORTAC engineers are adept at integration of new hardware.

Training and support

NORTAC’s team of engineers and support staff provide expert training on every aspect of the platform and devices. Training is always tailored specifically to needs and can be provided at customer location or through virtual means. Every solution includes 24/7 support.


Individual Keys for each device AES256 Encryption. In premise solutions allow for platform software to be installed into the Network Operations Centre (NOC) servers on existing client hardware or virtual networks behind client firewalls.

The NORTAC Difference


More than a decade as prime provider of satellite SBD messaging and tracking solutions to multiple Canadian Government agencies.


Commercial off the shelf products using compressed SBD packets with low running costs.


Customized on premise server solutions with your data isolated behind your firewalls.


AES256 Encryption. Individual keys for devices. Proprietary encryption generators can be accommodated


Easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to support.


Can be bolted on to higher level C4i or BMS platforms. Other devices including radio and GPRS can be integrated onto platform.

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