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TITAN BY NORTAC® – Digitizing the Operational Space

TITAN BY NORTAC® provides a secure digital Situational Awareness and Command and Control (SA & C2) capability that operates on commercial satellites, radio and GSM/LTE networks. As a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solution, TITAN BY NORTAC® provides an affordable capability that is ready for deployment.

Designed to augment analogue or digital radio networks, TITAN BY NORTAC® satisfies the C2 & SA, security and encryption requirements of militaries in a cost effective and operationally efficient manner. It facilitates interoperability between the military and civil agencies such as police, border control, first responders, etc. It provides full location, situational awareness and communications capabilities globally, in particular rugged or austere terrain requiring Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) connectivity. TITAN BY NORTAC ® is simple to train, operate, and deploy, providing customers with a fully scalable solution.

An integratable robust solution offering versatility and scalability. Device and bearer agnostic with M2M capability.


Providing countries with the option for a sovereign owned capability.


Countries are increasingly seeking to nationalise their defence industries to reduce dependencies on third parties. NORTAC Defence® can offer source code for bespoke TITAN BY NORTAC® solutions to governments and provide the capability for them to undertake further development. TITAN BY NORTAC® provides a first ‘digital building block’ that works and provides immediate capability. The client can adapt and grow it for future needs in a modular fashion using their in-house engineers. TITAN BY NORTAC® will evolve into a true sovereign owned capability.


TITAN BY NORTAC® is dual use.


TITAN BY NORTAC® is dual use. Whilst primarily designed with the requirements of the military in mind, it is in active use by civil agencies such as police, border control, first responders, etc.


TITAN BY NORTAC® acts as the M2M (Machine to Machine) and communications hub for remote devices on various communications bearers.


TITAN BY NORTAC® acts as the M2M (Machine to Machine) and communications hub for remote devices on various communications bearers. As a digital ‘hub’ it interfaces with various communications bearers not normally existing within conventional BMS including integration of UAVs, sensors, MANET radio, HF/VHF/UHF radio, short burst data and broadband satellite. Data feeds can then be provided to higher level BMS or C2 platforms if required.


The Platform is the hub of the TITAN BY NORTAC® solution. It allows data to flow backwards and forwards between the command HQ and the tactical levels. It also allows data to flow laterally between field units providing tactical level communications using secure, cost effective, SBD satellite channels. The Platform provides organizations with a secure web-based application, or in-premise rapidly deployed solutions behind client firewalls, for asset and personnel tracking capability, including situational awareness (SA), operational command and control (C2), emergency response and the ability to provide comprehensive post-operational debriefing.

Nortac Tactical™ (NTAC)

NORTAC TACTICAL Awareness Capability (NTAC) is a remote component of the TITAN BY NORTAC® Solution for use by Commanders at a Forward Operating Base or in vehicles, boats or helicopters. Accessed on a tablet or laptop it uses satellite communications to ensure continuous secure global operation, no need for internet connectivity. Countries using ATAK link to the TITAN BY NORTAC® Platform via short burst data over satellites.


NORTAC Defence® produce robust, field tested devices for personnel which can be configured according to needs for reporting, messaging, and alerts. MANET and HF combat radios, UAVs and other sensors integrate to a common operating picture. NORTAC Defence® also supports many other manufacturers’ devices, which are integrated to the platform. The engineers at NORTAC Defence® are adept at integration of new hardware and networks.

Training and support

The team of engineers and support staff at NORTAC Defence® provide expert training on every aspect of the Platform and devices. Training is always tailored specifically to needs and can be provided at customer location or through virtual means. Every solution includes 24/7 support.


The TITAN BY NORTAC® Platform can be easily integrated with higher level BMS or C4i Platforms to allow data from assets on other networks (satellite SBD, LTE, HF and MANET radio) to feed onto alternative and higher level common operating pictures.

The NORTAC Difference


More than a decade of providing satellite services and TITAN BY NORTAC® to multiple Canadian Government agencies. Clients include military, police, disaster management teams and deployed government agencies.


Commercial off the shelf products using compressed SBD packets with low running costs.


Customized on premise server solutions with your data isolated behind your firewalls.


Mil Spec AES256 Encryption with FIPS140 key generation. Configurable individual keys for devices. Host client/country proprietary encryption generators can be accommodated.


The TITAN BY NORTAC® Platform has been built to be user friendly and intuitive and is ready for rapid deployment.


TITAN BY NORTAC® is designed within a modular framework. New capabilities e.g. Fire Control Systems, Logistics and Sensors can be added as new modules.

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