The HQ component of the TITAN BY NORTAC® solution is the Platform. It allows data to flow backwards and forwards between the command HQ and the tactical levels. It also allows data to flow laterally between field units providing tactical level communications using secure, cost effective, SBD satellite channels. It comprises the software program, gateway services and the back office Graphical User Interface (GUI) capability.

The TITAN BY NORTAC® Platform provides organizations with a secure web-based application, or in-premise rapidly deployed solutions behind client firewalls, for asset and personnel tracking capability, including situational awareness (SA), operational command and control (C2), emergency response and the ability to provide comprehensive post-operational debriefing.

Numerous functionalities are included such as encrypted two-way messaging, easily reconfigured geofences with inclusive and exclusive zoning, address book syncing, permission based user levels, configurable asset permissions, multiple map layers and overlays, multiple displays, history reports, asset configuration, asset group management, emergency alert management and more.


TITAN BY NORTAC® Tactical is a mobile situational awareness component of the TITAN BY NORTAC® solution. It is designed to be accessed on a tablet or laptop computer and is paired with the NORTAC WAVE® to enable connectivity regardless of terrain. Ideal for those in charge who are part of the developing operational scenario. It enables geo-fences to be viewed, messaging, and events can be plotted. TITAN BY NORTAC® Tactical updates the TITAN BY NORTAC® Platform with key details. When there is no infrastructure in place, TITAN BY NORTAC® Tactical provides clarity from the operating environment to HQ. By having three-way message functionality for land, air, and sea assets, it enables the mission command to continue, where terrestrial communication may fail.

TITAN BY NORTAC® Tactical software is quickly and easily loaded onto a laptop or a tablet device for vehicles, helicopters or a tactical HQ. It enables those in charge to view their immediate Area of Responsibility (AOR), or provide them with a greater field of view, by giving them more asset group access from the Platform. It is designed to be lightweight and agile, to be carried in a day sack, ops vest, or jacket pocket.

The messaging Graphical User Interface (GUI) is designed to be simple and intuitive. Offering extensive mapping functionality allowing for manual and automatic map data inputs, the client can see up to a hundred positional reports simultaneously. Custom maps and all major file formats are supported.

TITAN BY NORTAC® Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are the component of the TITAN BY NORTAC® solution for use in the field whether by soldiers on operations, or by non-military workers in challenging terrains. They can be handheld, or installed in vehicles, aircraft, or marine craft. The TITAN BY NORTAC® Platform can support 10,000+ mobile devices. Operating as an ‘Internet of Things’, the TITAN BY NORTAC® mobile devices can speak laterally to each other, allowing for rapid spread of communication through the network with greater accuracy than voice.


NORTAC Defence’s latest device is the NORTAC WAVE®.

The NORTAC WAVE® provides 2-way chat messaging between the device and the TITAN BY NORTAC® Platform; device to asset group; and device to device. Free text, emergency alerting, predefined canned messages and group messaging are all supported.

The NORTAC WAVE® is a robust and versatile tracking and communication device. Operating on the Iridium Short Burst (SBD®) satellite network, users can message using the on-screen keyboard. Tracking uses turn by turn technology to create an accurate history of turns rather than a report that uses best fit. It has a resistive colour touchscreen for ease of use.

The NORTAC WAVE® can also display Situational Awareness information. Subscribers to this service can see up to 50 assets and their status in a grid or list view. This is a game-changer for improving safety in the field and response readiness.

Launch of Situational Awareness on the NORTAC WAVE®


NORTAC’s Echo device offers a more basic functionality than the NORTAC WAVE®, with the same robust quality and reliability. With emergency alerts, check-in, tracking, and pre-defined message capabilities, it provides safety and simplicity.

Photo of the Nortac ECHO device

Other TITAN BY NORTAC® Mobile Devices


NORTAC’s Shadow is a dual mode tracking device suitable for vehicles and cargo management.



Transforming cellphones into tracking, encrypted messaging, and emergency alert systems is achieved on cellular devices with the NORTAC ORION™ App available for Android and iOS. By sending position reports at defined intervals to the TITAN BY NORTAC® Platform, these applications enable an organization to have a complete overview of the users’ location and safety status in near-real time. The applications are integrated with the TITAN BY NORTAC® Platform and allow users to connect to the Platform through Wi-Fi or Cellular communication.

NORTAC ORION Privacy Policy

Other TITAN BY NORTAC®-Integrated Products

NORTAC’s team of dedicated software engineers have integrated numerous products to the TITAN BY NORTAC® Platform including devices by Iridium, Lars Thrane, NAL and Garmin. The ever-evolving list of integrated devices gives new users the flexibility to continue using their existing stock of devices where possible.

NORTAC Defence® Support and Training

NORTAC Defence’s Titan ecosystem is supported by a comprehensive range of manuals and customer portal for firmware updates and FAQ’s. In addition, NORTAC provides training tailor made to the user’s requirements that can be carried out face-to-face or via video tele-conferencing.

Support is provided by our team of experienced engineers via email and phone and a 24/7 emergency support line is also available.