Use Cases

TITAN BY NORTAC® is a major capability uplift supporting Interoperability across civil and military organisations, Intelligence Gathering, Offensive Action, Avoidance of Fratricide, Casevac and Supply Chain Management. It augments and integrates with any existing Battlefield Management (BMS), Communications and ‘Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence’ (C4i) systems thereby enhancing overall capability. Commanders will be able to see where all their troops are and communicate with them whether they are in mountains, jungle, desert, air or sea. 

Use Case 1

Army scenario, deployed battle groups

Brief: Provides enhanced situational awareness to all major functions of a Battle Group on the move.

Impact: Complete tactical picture from command to lower levels; speedy decision-making  to cope with battlefield uncertainties. 

Use Case 2

Air assets, secure extraction after a crash

Brief: Tracking airborne assets, and speedy decision-making to mitigate unanticipated mission hurdles.

Impact: Rapid tactical decision-making and optimal resource allocation in BLOS environments that saves lives.

Use Case 3

Insurgency control

Brief: Indicates a real-world scenario in which militia or regional intelligence assets work closely and securely to counter terrorism. 

Impact: Undisrupted and secure local intelligence that leads to mission success.

Use Case 4

Border surveillance

Brief: Showcases how deploying the NORTAC Defense® C2SA capability can improve border security outcomes.

Impact: Optimal resource allocation and monitoring, even in case of large borders and lower asset numbers.

Use Case 5

Special forces

Brief: Details how Special Forces can achieve a high level of SA, whilst maintaining stealthy operations.

Impact: Localised assets can be tracked easily, without giving away position; enhanced mission coordination without radio use.

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