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NORTAC Defence® was founded in 2010 to provide a commercial off the shelf (COTS), satellite-based Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) Blue Force Tracking system to the global defence sector.

Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom in 2003 saw the United States military introduce the Force Battle Command Brigade & Below Blue Force Tracking (FBCB2-BFT) system using satellite data communications for the first time, to overcome the shortfalls with radio communications. The battlespace was ‘Digitized’ and the results were exceptional changing the way in which the US military could operate – it revolutionized the management of the battlespace. FBCB2 provided the greatest step change in military capability in a generation. Situational dominance facilitates increased operational tempo, dispersed operations, synchronization of forces, accelerated orders dissemination, reduction in fratricide, and the ability to operate within the enemy’s decision-making cycle.

Recognising that an affordable, Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solution was required, NORTAC Defence® embarked on developing TITAN BY NORTAC® to fill the gap for countries worldwide.

TITAN BY NORTAC® literally breaks the line-of-sight barrier with its satellite link. Distance, dispersion, and line-of-sight between vehicles are much less of a problem. TITAN BY NORTAC® enables the ability to navigate under limited visibility conditions, to move rapidly over great distances and synchronize unit movement, and to communicate both vertically and horizontally over extended distances. The Blue and Red force SA picture gives unit leaders more confidence when making tactical decisions and more time to focus on fighting the enemy. Commanders and units at every level view the exact same blue picture in near real time. TITAN BY NORTAC® provides units with an extremely reliable back-up communications mechanism and a means to keep routine administrative and logistics traffic off the tactical radio network and other satellite voice frequencies. It allows easier synchronisation with logistical support. Messaging is an important benefit to widely disseminate information quickly and to free up tactical radios for action.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, NORTAC Defence® is proud to be the prime provider of Iridium based tracking and messaging capabilities to Canadian Government Agencies since 2011.

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